A message could mean more than what you think, to making a closer friendship or just a smile on someones face, all with a simple “hiiii, how was your day” or “what’s up”. We never really know what someone else is going through behind their screen, it takes us 10 taps on our screen and 30 seconds of our time to ask someone how they are, it could even save a life. You could even change you could even hand write it and post it to them or put in their letterbox to make them like they have someone close to them and that they care enough to go to those extents for them.

I’ve always related to this quote in many ways but especially because I was brought up with this sentiment that has so much truth to its meaning.
I see more and more people being kind to one another and it brings joy to my heart, some of us have had great values passed on by family or friends but some haven’t therefore being kind in a world where this feeling hasn’t been around much is quite hard, and while some are privileged or blessed with a good up-bringing or with good core values, some of us have had it harder than others and in ways that some of us would never even come close to understanding or imagining. These are the people that we should be most kind to. I remember being told this many times by my mum while I was picked on harshly through out one of my primary years. She made me see that those actions and words were really just out of pure sadness and that it really just reflected this person’s pain inside, it was nothing against me really… Years later my kindness and resilience towards this person paid off. We became friends and still are till today.
Just like we can never judge a book by its cover, we can’t judge people by their actions and sometimes a simple kind gesture goes a long way. Giving a hug to a friend in need, offering help with homework to your sister or brother, complimenting a classmate on their smile. Using words that are fun to give (and receive) and yet we hold them back so many times. Just like smiling, it comes naturally when you’re carefree and feeling good. It’s easy and simple, but we aren’t always feeling good and happy so it’s nice to have someone care even when we’re on our shitty days.
In times like these around the world, we are all in need of some kindness to one another. It’s hard, people are suffering in some way or another. Compliments and positive energy are free, we don’t even need to be in physical contact to feel or give (and receive). These days social media, or should I say the internet in general, is so easy to access. A touch of a button, a few keywords away and bam! We can instantly make someone’s day brighter or completely the opposite so why not go the good way, why not make that person smile and feel the energy we much need!?
Social media all too often is directly or indirectly associated with looks but the positive side is that there are so many of other meaningful ways to express what you love about your friends and family, like sharing a post on social media but making it a meaningful one, giving a family member a phone call surprisingly! Sharing a moment with them or painting a picture, baking someone you love a cake and dropping it off at their door with a fun note. Picking up someone’s groceries that can’t do it for themselves… Giving to that someone in need. Even if small everything counts.
Social media shows us beautiful girls with amazing bodies and stunning outfits that are far too expensive for me to afford, and boys with ripped bodies and the best cars to ever exist.

I don’t have a problem with these girls showing off their beautiful bodies and boys with top class cars, I only care about the fact that what beauty really is, it’s that people come in all different shapes, sizes, colours, genders, sexualities and religion! And this isn’t always shown on social media, and this isn’t what’s shown to us for us to be jealous of. Not everyone has a slim waist and a size 6 feet that look good with any shoes and not everyone goes to the gym every morning and has big brands sending them packages everyday. Please can we start normalising body rolls, dimples, scars, hijabs, dark skin and everything else that everyone shouldn’t feel ashamed of at all! 

We are all unique in our own ways without even noticing. Stretch marks are so beautiful and we should not be hiding them or scared that anyone will see them. Even though a nice body is all that we want, we all were made exactly how we were meant to be, the reason this doesn’t get shown on social media is because no one shows it off for it to be normal. 

There is absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t show off our beautiful flaws and imperfections because in the end that’s what makes us perfect in our own ways.

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