It’s OK to be obsessed with the things you care about. It doesn’t matter how crazy your goals may be or how big your dreams are. I’ve learnt that it’s the big scary stuff that actually excites me and keeps me going with inspiration and once conquered I feel even stronger to achieve higher for myself, so therefore I’ve aimed high, Ive dreamt the biggest and most beautiful dream I could have in my 15years of life and I will make sure it’s the best time of my life while pursuing it. I remember being around 8 years old and being extremely afraid to dive in the deep end of a pool, after several attempts I decided it wasn’t for me. I was scared so my mum looked me deep in eyes and told me I could and that the only thing stopping me was myself, my thoughts and consequently my actions were all a reflection of those negative thoughts, she told me straight out to try again and this time to dive with a positive attitude and mostly I was to believe in myself, so I did. I dived and I dived to the bottom of that pool that seemed scary as hell but nothing would stop me this time! That was a turning point for everything I feared and that memory stuck with me. Every now and again when I get scared of my dreams she reminds me of that day.
I believe that half the times we are afraid of others opinions or of failure but the people criticizing you are the exact ones who envy your ambition and who can’t stand someone who sees outside the box. Who are too afraid to try themselves and wished they too had your courage. They’re fearful that one day you might succeed, making them regret their lack of effort. I know for sure, anything is better than nothing at all and we all have to fail because that’s what makes us better people and better creators.
I know for sure we all dream. Some more than others, but we all do at some point.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could ask yourself, “what would i do if I wasn’t scared…? “ and then actually doing it?
Today is a good day to start but tomorrow is also so why don’t you have a go…!

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