Happy Pride month to all the beautiful people loving whoever they want to love!


Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you aren’t valid. Love who you want to love. Love is beautiful. Love is what makes our world bright
Pride month is about more than just love. It’s raising awareness for the current issues facing the lgbtq+ community. We need to encourage inclusiveness and fight for change! Support sexual diversity! Same sex marrige is only legal in 28 countries out of 195! To me that shouldn’t be the case, it should be 195 out of 195, in fact it shouldn’t even be something to be discussed, it should be normal!!! Why should loving someone need to be protested or voted to be allowed. There is no reason, why is there a problem with being a different sexuality? Why is there even that label? Aren’t we all humans at the end of the day, why doesn’t being straight be protested and voted to be legalised. Don’t ever feel like you aren’t enough because you are and if people don’t accept you for you, they shouldn’t be in your life. keep being you and love whoever you want because love always wins.

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